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Acting as a single point of contact, United Security Providers has a comprehensive range of services in the fields of web application security and access management taking their lead from the USP Secure Entry Server® product.


The experienced specialists at United Security Providers are able to support customers in the simple and rapid integration of USP Secure Entry Server® into their IT environment. A robust basic level of protection or a simple login model can be implemented in just a few hours.

Managed services

If required, United Security Providers can take over monitoring and the service management processes for the operation of USP Secure Entry Server® with its own 24/7 Security Operations Center in Switzerland or in collaboration with other MSSPs.

Managed security services

Product support

United Security Providers provides expert support for USP Secure Entry Server® direct from its manufacturer. With the right maintenance and support package, all customers can access local, professional support and reliable maintenance and benefit from long-term protection of their investment.


With expert knowledge and a widespread wealth of experience, United Security Providers is able to support its customers in web application security projects. Learn more about United Security Providers' comprehensive range of security consultancy services.


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