Federation & cloud identity integration

Dank Federation - Benutzer können sich bei Partnern oder Cloud-Anwendungen mit ihren eigenen, gewohnten Zugangsdaten anmelden

With its comprehensive functionality, USP Secure Entry Server® makes all the benefits of federated identity and cloud authentication services available. These form the basis for the trouble-free use of cloud services by colleagues, allow secure and user-friendly single sign-on beyond the user's own organisation and simplify collaboration with customers and partners.


Maximum user friendliness

Thanks to federation, users can log on to partner or cloud applications beyond their company's boundaries using their own, familiar access data.

More efficient business processes

Federation makes collaboration with partner institutions easier, as they can be embedded directly into the electronic processes within the business.

Reduced administrative effort

Federation reduces the administrative effort as it is not necessary to administer partner and customer users in your business; instead they log on with the identities they are already using.

Typical scenarios

More and more businesses and institutions are making use of the benefits and opportunities offered by federation and cloud identities to implement new, user-friendly use cases and business opportunities rapidly and inexpensively.




Research networks
and universities


Google Apps &
Office 365

Claims-based authentication

The USP Secure Entry Server® enables claims-based authentication for Microsoft (ADFS) IT landscapes.

Broker portals

Federation enables insurance companies to connect easily with existing broker portals or create their own broker networks.

Research networks and universities

Federation enables employees, students and partners of research and university networks to access all existing research data and information easily.

Government networks

Federation allows governmental institutions to easy interchange information and to coporate more efficient between municipalities, cities and federal level.

Google Apps and Office 365

More and more companies use cloud services. With USP Secure Entry Server® employees can easily access them.

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