The secure management of user data confronts companies with increasing digitization challenges. Nowadays it's not just internal users that need to gain acces to corporate networks or specific web applications, there's also the need for access rights for external users. A sensitive topic for data security and identity management.

The market offers a variety of highly functional, powerful identity and access management tools (IdM / IAM). However, their development and implementation requires a massive invest of time and budget.

As a turn-key ready product, SES IDENTITY offers a fast and cost-effective alternative: rapid integration of a simple user directory, straightforward user management and simple provisioning capabilities for a resource-efficient use.

Fast, efficient & safe

An easy-to-use user directory, simple user management (separated by internal user accounts & external portal users) and simple privisioning functions with multifactor authentication make SES IDENTITY a secure and quickly deployable solution for user management needs

Cost reduction & time savings

The turn-key ready module SES IDENTTY reduces your investment costs: the costly development of an own tool on the company side is eliminated, existing user directories can be synchronized - which leads to an uncomplicated and rapid implementation possibility into the already existing IT- infrastructure.

User-friendly self-services

SES IDENTITY users do benefit from self-service features - thanks to SES ACCESS. Users may create their own accounts and manage them. Password reset and delegable user administration fullfil the idea of an user-friendly customer experience.

Provisioning capabilities

«Out-of-box» provisioning features support the synchronization of different user directories with additional, external customer data. This allows fine-tuned access control to your web applications.

Scalable license models

The licensing model offers various options that fully reflect the requirements of a compnays specific needs: SES IDENTITY is available as a single licence, as a subscription or as a managed-service option to meet the needs of any business size.

Delegated user management

By integrating delegated user administration to your customers you can reduce your own effort for administration.

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