USP Secure Entry Server®

Smarter Web App Protection and Authentication

For 20 years numerous prominent Swiss organizations have been building on the protection offered by the USP Secure Entry Server® for their most trusted web applications and Portals.

The USP Secure Entry Server®, featured on the Gartner WAF Magic Quadrant, is a Swiss-made web access management solution and offers high-end web application protection, an unmatched authentication feature set and truly universal single sign-on capabilities - all in a highly optimized, scalable and affordable all-in-one product suite.

Der USP Secure Entry Server® schützt vor den OWASP Top10 Risiken & bietet flexible Authentisierungsmöglichkeiten.
Der USP Secure Entry Server® schützt vor den OWASP Top10 Risiken & bietet flexible Authentisierungsmöglichkeiten.

Extremely brilliant: USP Secure Entry Server® Release 5.3 with new features

The new USP Secure Entry Server® 5.3 comes up with a distinguished set of features that boosts Web Application Security to a new level. Explore the intuitive security dashboard, benefit from increased security thanks to anomaly detection and implement strong authentication to mobile apps with OpenID Connect.

Your benefit

  • Make your security visible
  • Full compliance
  • Uncover suspicious behaviour when it occurs
  • Gain valuable insights on masked/concealed threats
  • Sophisticated authentication standards that enable you to align with business requirements
  • OpenID Connect has learned from SAML and OpenID 1.0 and 2.0 and therefore combines the highest standards of security and usability in authentication
  • Users will appreciate the fast response time of your web applications, portals and services


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Total platform versatility

Run USP Secure Entry Server® on a standardized hardware appliance, as a virtual appliance, in the cloud or get it as a managed service. Want to mix it up? You can combine any of the platforms with each other - operating the solution will remain the same.





You prefer dedicated hardware over virtual appliances for your USP SES? Choose the USP SES hardware appliance. The ready-to-use, optimized and scalable solution is offered as a standard rack server and will fit in seamlessly with your datacenter. It offers high performance, built-in redundancy fea-tures, and business-aligned warranty.

USP SES is available as a virtual appliance for VMWare ESX and Citrix XEN. As such it is the perfect fit for virtualized datacenters – both for an organization’s own use and for service providers.

As a cloud appliance, USP SES offers reliable protection for web applications both in the private as well as in the public cloud. The resources can be adapted dynamically to the actual demand. As a result, the availability of a web application in the cloud is increased and temporary peaks in demand can be processed.

You would rather have application security provided as a managed service by the experts? United Security Providers offers a fully managed service for Swiss-based companies with its own round-the-clock Security Operations Center in Switzerland. For other countries USP SES is available as a managed service through our trusted MSSP partners.

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