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Single Sign-On

Log in once - use many services. Single sign-on gives the user safe and user-friendly access to all the applications available and enabled for him after he has signed on just once. USP Secure Entry Server® can do this by communicating with the widest range of user management systems and dynamically grant access authorisations to individual systems. Identities can be transformed and combined in any way so that heterogeneous identity landscapes, consisting of several different user administration systems, can be supported without problems.


Maximum user friendliness

Thanks to single sign-on, users enjoy the greatest ease-of-use. USP Secure Entry Server takes on much of the work from the user. Log in once - use many services.

Flexibility in identity and access management

Central authentication means that identity and access management processes and policies can be established easily and developed flexibly.

New business opportunities

Using single sign-on, new business models can be built up or new communications channels with customers and partners opened up through comprehensive web portals. IT is able to implement business requirements more easily and more quickly.

Enhanced security

Password guidelines can be implemented more easily if users do not have to deal with repeated log-in demands and different identities.

Audit trail and compliance

All accesses and queries to the applications behind the USP Secure Entry Server® are stored in logs. This creates a central audit trail, which makes traceability simple if incidents occur.

Typical szenarios

Employee services

Microsoft Outlook Web Access, Citrix, SAP, and custom intranet applications can be easily deployed to employees as a single sign-on, both on-the-go and off-site.

Windows based authentication

Through USP Secure Entry Server®, it's possible to also use the staff' Windows accounts for automatic and secure log-in processes on applications that do not natively support Windows-based authentication.

Costumer portals

In many cases, customer portals and services are growing as new applications are added to them step-by-step. Thanks to the USP Secure Entry Server®, user convenience, attractiveness and security can be ensured at all times for such heterogeneous and distributed use cases, thanks to single sign-on.

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