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Protection for Web applications and portals

Being a web application firewall, USP Secure Entry Server® permits reliable protection of web applications and web services to enhance availability and to guarantee confidentiality and integrity.


Business-aligned availability

For interruption-free business: every web application, every portal, every web service is available to your customers, partners or staff when they need the information.

Fulfilling compliance requirements

Protection of web applications against attacks from the Internet enhances confidence and makes it possible to satisfy legal requirements, internal policies and sector guidelines.

Protected business processes

Confidentiality for electronic business processes: Drive your digitisation projects forward by handling business processes electronically via web applications, portals and web services.

Protection against damage to reputation

Frequently, the defacement of websites and portals is the sole objective of attacks. The damage is immediately visible to your customers, the media and other stakeholders. It is even worse if data is stolen or confidential information falls into the wrong hands.

Typical szenarios


E-Banking does not have branch opening hours. Customers deal with their finances whenever it's convenient for them. USP Secure Entry Server® ensures the required availability. The confidentiality and integrity of data needed in e-banking is guaranteed by USP Secure Entry Server® with protection against attacks such as cross-site scripting, injections, session hijacking and other OWASP Top 10 risks and also with multi-factor authentication.


Customers expect an online shop to be "open" 24 hours a day. Customers will quickly divert to your competition if your shop is taken down by hackers. Other important succes factors for webshops besides high availability are both - performance and confidentiality of customer data. Your shop is secure with the web application firewall of our USP Secure Entry Server®.


Many customers will simply carry pn surfing to your competitors if your website is taken down by hacker attacks. And yet attacks on availability are not the biggest evil: the most serious damage to reputation ist caused if your website content is modified by successfull attacks or customer data that is lost.


Todays employees are mobile and access standard applications such as webmail, ERP or Intranet on the go. The USP Secure Entry Server® is reliable protection against attacks against your applications. Particularly confidential information is additionally protected by multi-factor authentication.

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