Multi-factor authentication

Multifactor und 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) einfach gemacht - der USP Secure Entry Server® bietet maximale Flexibilität.

Monitored and secure access to confidential business applications in the web is indispensable nowadays. Data and transactions that need a high degree of protection and which are handled over the Internet, demand adequate protection and must satisfy legal and often industry-specific requirements.

By deploying USP Secure Entry Server® you can implement authentication concepts for all business applications that are tuned to user needs, risks and use behaviours that chime with IT security policies and compliance requirements.



You satisfy compliance requirements and policies, and meet industry guidelines.


A means of authentication that is no longer up-to-date or no longer secure can simply be replaced, independently of the application.

Reduce costs

Configuring user self-service allows the users to reset forgotten passwords themselves. You save by reducing your costs in IT administration and support.

Typical scenarios

Multi-factor authentication has no longer been the sole preserve of the banking environment for a long time now, and today in all sectors and use cases it forms the basis for controlled and monitored access to confidential information.




E-health portals

Using multi-factor authentication, financial institutions can offer their customers protection against unauthorised access to their account by other users or cyber-criminals.

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In e-government, various stakeholder groups such as citizens, service provider partners and colleagues access what is frequently confidential information over the Internet. USP Secure Entry Server® is the ideal way of authorising each of these user groups.

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With the appropriate methods for strong authentication it is possible to provide staff with a simple and secure way of working while on the road. Including dynamic adjustment of the security level depending on the location and the device the colleague is using.

Multi-factor authentication allows efficient and secure collaboration between hospitals and clinics, insurers, registered doctors and laboratories thanks to the protected electronic exchange of patient and health information.

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