Application Delivery

Secure access to applications such as Microsoft Exchange, SAP or Citrix.

Sicherer performanter Zugriff auf Applikationen wie Microsoft Exchange, SAP oder Citrix.

In many companies, various standard applications are accessible over the Internet. USP Secure Entry Server® is located in front of application servers and handles communication with the clients on behalf of these servers. In this way, applications are never addressed directly. USP Secure Entry Server® thus simplifies the access infrastructure, helps with the fulfilment of security policies and compliance requirements, enhances traceability and improves auditability.


Improved performance and availability

Shorter response times are a precondition for efficient working: Thanks to caching, load balancing and SSL offloading by USP Secure Entry Server®, users can enjoy the highest levels of performance.

Reduced operating costs

By consolidating different gateways and access paths from the Internet, USP Secure Entry Server® simplifies security management and reduces costs in IT operations.

Audit trail

All accesses and queries to the applications protected by USP Secure Entry Server® are stored in logs. This creates a central audit trail, which makes traceability simple if incidents occur.

Enhanced security

Security is enhanced because USP Secure Entry Server® takes over the security-relevant tasks. Security vulnerabilities can be quickly and reliably corrected thanks to a central security infrastructure.

Fulfilling compliance requirements

Central protection of web applications enhances confidence and makes it easier to satisfy legal requirements, internal policies and sector guidelines.

Typical scenarios

USP Secure Entry Server® makes the access infrastructure for a wide range of applications easier – from a simple website through standard business applications to complex, custom web portals. 


Share Point




Microsoft Exchange

Give your staff secure access to mail, their calendar and contacts wherever they are working, and whatever device they are using.

Microsoft SharePoint

Simplify collaboration between colleagues and with partners by making Microsoft SharePoint accessible from anywhere and to different user groups.


Use USP Secure Entry Server® instead of a Citrix Gateway - for a secure, simple and cost-effective publication of virtualised applications and desktops.


SAP-based applications are a central constituent in the value added chains in businesses and often store the most valuable data - this is why you should give partners and colleagues secure access to your SAP applications.

Web portals

More and more companies are committing to direct digital interaction with customers and partners through web portals – USP Secure Entry Server® guarantees you the flexibility and security you need.

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