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USP Secure Entry Server® is undoubtedly more flexible than other security solutions in its category. It is scalable and can be extended in a modular fashion. It has particular benefits in the following fields:

Application delivery

USP Secure Entry Server® is located upstream of application servers and prevents direct access to them. The benefits: simpler access infrastructure, improved performance, fulfilment of compliance requirements and enhanced traceability.

Multi-factor authentication

Strong authentication and authorization of internal and external users when accessing web applications.

Federation & Cloud Identity Integration

Secure and user-friendly single sign-on beyond the users own organisation for easy access to cloud services.

Protection for web applications and portals

Reliable protection of web applications and web services against OWASP's Top 10 risks and more. Increased availability, ensured confidentiality and integrity of information.

Single Sign-On

One-off, central login of users for secure and convenient access to all applications available to them.

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