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The enterprise world is becoming increasingly interconnected and IT services are being composed by smaller, specialized services, provided by different organizations and the cloud. In such heterogeneous environments, companies aim to provide the same seamless experience to their end users as in more traditional setups. But how can this be achieved without compromising security?

SES FEDERATE facilitates transparent security by enabling the creation of trusted environments spanning different organizations and by leveraging multiple disparate identity stores. Using Office365 in the cloud for employees, enabling partner access to an organization’s own applications without managing the partner’s user identities, or allowing customers to use their cloud identities – SES FEDERATE offers all of this.

Your benefits

Easy-to-use federated identity multi-tool

Technologies for federated identity use cases, such as SAML 2.0, are often complex, and the use of OpenSource products requires in-depth know-how. Other commercial grade products might be limited to certain vendor environments. SES FEDERATE allows organizations to reap the full benefits of federated identity use cases.

Unlimited interoperability

With the IdP Proxy option, SES FEDERATE can delegate authentication requests that are directed to itself to another Identity Provider. It acts as bridge between Identity Providers and Service Providers for any number of domains by providing chained and multi-party federation functionality – there are no more limits to inter-organizational cooperation, global interoperability and productivity.

Protection of privacy

SES FEDERATE allows full control over what to do with user information and attributes before forwarding them to Service Providers. Keeping the original values, transforming them at will, omitting certain attributes or obfuscating the user’s identity – it can all be done with ease and if needed require the user’s consent to provide individual control of one’s personal information.

Usability and interaction flexibility

SES FEDERATE offers fully customizable user interaction flows, both on the logic and the presentation layer. Examples include requesting the user's permission for forwarding certain information to a Service Provider, or asking which Identity Provider to use for the authentication if several are available – usability is key.

Contact Person

Sascha Jooss
Sales / Account Manager

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