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Web applications often process highly sensitive information such as trade secrets or personally identifiable data that are frequently subject to regulatory compliance requirements. SES WAF (Web Application Firewall) offers scalable and powerful protection – for a small company’s Outlook Web Access all the way to the online-banking services of a large bank.

Through the combination of state-of-the-art protection mechanisms, SES WAF protects web applications from present-day attacks as well as from unknown future threats. Mitigate cyber risks and achieve compliance with standards and regulations by deploying a proven industry-leading solution.

Your benefits

Business-aligned availability

SES WAF makes sure that your business-critical applications always run smoothly and flawlessly.

High-end features for maximum protection

Positive and negative security models, anomaly detection, full URL Encryption, complete session hiding - with SES WAF companies keep the protection of valuable applications and information extremely easy and fast under control.

Unified VDI

SES WAF supports the Citrix ICA / XenApp VDI protocol. Combinded with Citrix Storefront Portal, you receiving a powerful, cost-effective and easy-to-use solution for authentication, SSO, unified VDI, and web application delivery.

Turn-key protection against OWASP Top10

Thanks to areverse proxy architecture of SES WAF, all desired protection against OWASP Top 10 risks can be activated quickly and easily with a single mouse click.

Unmatched integration flexibility

As different as they may be: SES WAF always provides the best protection - even if application developers aren't following the common standards.

Fine-grained authorization enforcement

With SES ACCESS or SES FEDERATE, you can take a holistic, integrated approach to web application protection and granular access control-ways that other vendors aren't offering.

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