Organizations are struggling to keep up with the ever-increasing interconnectivity requirements of today’s IT and services landscape and the resulting demands for securely managing user access and maintaining high usability.

SES ACCESS allows easy use of different upstream authentication technologies and concepts, such as strong authentication and single sign-on. It is a universal solution for all your authentication needs and allows you to provide business-aligned access to your applications – any device, anywhere, and anytime.

SES Access bietet flexible Technologien und Konzepte für die Authentisierung der Benutzer. So ermöglicht er unter anderem Single Sign-On und eine einfache Integration in unternehmensweite IAM-Prozesse.

Multi-factor authentication security

Choose from an abundance of pre-integrated multi-factor authentication methods and combine them at will for different usage scenarios. The list of supported tokens and methods, and the unlimited ways they can be put into full effect make SES ACCESS stand out amongst authentication and access control solutions.

High-integrity transaction protection

Transactions with high-integrity and non-repudiation requirements, such as e-banking payments, require specific protection – a functionality rarely found in authentication solutions. Easily realize proven transaction verification processes with SES ACCESS without spending money for individual application development.

Cost-efficient integration with IdM

With numerous standard interfaces and an adaptable and powerful logic engine SES ACCESS allows seamless and fast integration with any IdM environment without requiring costly changes to existing setups and processes.

Increased productivity with single sign-on

Users want to log in once and be done with it. SES ACCESS enables single sign-on for all protected applications, also with multiple disparate identity stores. Enhance security and usability further by leveraging Windows account single sign-on. Together with SES FEDERATE the same can be realized even for inter-organizational, cloud and hybrid usage scenarios.

Unmatched versatility and customizability

Authentication and SSO scenarios vary greatly with business needs, user base and application landscape. SES ACCESS offers a powerful logic engine as well as a fully customizable presentation layer – complex use cases are handled with ease while preserving great look-and-feel.

Enhanced risk management

Implement adaptive access control that takes into account a number of context and risk based factors such as location, time, user type and roles, device, application risk profile, and others. Define and implement different levels of authentication and authorization controls to match the corresponding risk levels.

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