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Organizations are struggling to keep up with the ever-increasing interconnectivity requirements of today’s IT and services landscape and the resulting demands for securely managing user access and maintaining high usability.

SES ACCESS allows easy use of different upstream authentication technologies and concepts, such as strong authentication and single sign-on. It is a universal solution for all your authentication needs and allows you to provide business-aligned access to your applications – any device, anywhere, and anytime.

Your benefits

Multi-factor authentication security

There are endless possibilities for multifactor authentication - SES ACCESS supports all common authentication methods - and they can be flexibly combined.

High-integrity transaction protection

SES ACCESS supports multiple processes for verifying transactions for integrity and traceability, such as e-banking payments.

Cost-efficient integration with IdM

With numerous standard interfaces and an adaptable and powerful logic engine SES ACCESS allows seamless and fast integration with any IdM environment without requiring costly changes to existing setups and processes.

Increased productivity with single sign-on

Easy-to-use, secure single sign-on ensures that the user only has to log in once to gain authorization to use any application he is authorized to access.

Unmatched versatility and customizability

With its logical system, SES ACCESS offers the full package for the implementation of complex authentication processes, depending on the business requirements, users and application landscape.

Enhanced risk management

SES ACCESS enables the implementation of adaptive access controls. The definition and implementation of various authentication and authorization controls allows an efficient and effective risk management.

Contact Person

Sascha Jooss
Sales / Account Manager

T +41 44 496 61 42


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