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The strongest solution for protecting web applications and portals

With its combination as a high-end web application firewall and user authentication, the USP Secure Entry Server® as swiss made software has been the solution of choice for the secure use of web applications and portals for 20 years.

With many high-end features, the USP Secure Entry Server® protects against the OWASP Top10 risks such as CSRF, XSS and all types of injections. The USP Secure Entry Server® offers multi-factor login, single sign-on and federation. Its comprehensive set of authentication options sets the USP Secure Entry Server® apart from similar WAF products.

Extremely brilliant: USP Secure Entry Server®


Customizable dashboard for maximum usability.

Compliance & Anomalie-Detection

Complete compliance and state-of-the-art anomaly detection.


Gain valuable insights on masked/concealed threats.

Authentication standards

Support for the most advanced authentication standards allows you to adapt to the latest business needs.

OpenID Connect

OpenID Connect has learned from SAML and OpenID 1.0 and 2.0 and therefore combines the highest standards of security and usability in authentication.

Reaction time

Users will appreciate the fast response time of your web applications, portals and services.

USP Secure Entry Server®


Extremely powerful

SES WAF stands impregnable before your web applications and allows nothing and no-one to get to what you want to protect.

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Extremely convenient

With SES ACCESS you have control over how and how often your users have to identify themselves - from single sign-on to strong authentication.

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Extremely collaborative

SES FEDERATE builds up protected environments between your business and the applications provided by business partners or cloud services. And ensures the necessary access security.

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Extremely userfriendly

Our turn-key ready and cost effective variation of a simple user management system, featuring an inbuilt user directory for the delegated administration of users, is called SES IDENTITY.

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Download Factsheet

Want to know more about the USP Secure Entry Server®? The datasheet highlights how our high-level web application firewall works with rich authentication capabilities and single sign-on capabilities.

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Total platform versatility

Hardware Appliance

You prefer dedicated hardware over virtual appliances for your USP SES? Choose the USP SES hardware appliance: the USP Secure Entry Server® fits seamlessly into heterogeneous environments as a turnkey and scalable solution. The hardware appliance is based on a standard rack server architecture that is equipped high performance, built-in redundancy features and business-aligned warranty.

Virtual Appliance

As a virtualized appliance, the USP Secure Entry Server® fits perfectly into VMWare's ESX environments or Citrix's XEN environments. Like this it's the perfect fit for virtualized datacenters - both for an organisation's own use or for service providers.


Numerous hosting providers and Plattform-as-a-Service providers have included the USP Secure Entry Server® in their offering. Check the partner list to see if your provider is already certified.


As a cloud appliance, the USP Secure Entry Server® offers reliable protection for web applications in the private or public cloud. Resources can be dynamically adapted to actual demand. This increases the availability of a web application in the cloud. On the other hand, temporary peak loads can be efficiently processed.

Managed Service

Numerous companies place the operation of the USP Secure Entry Server® in the trustworthy hands of the 7x24h Security Operations Center of United Security Providers.


The USP Secure Entry Server® (SES) is available as a container-based solution. As a container, the SES becomes an integral part of the development platform or development process for each application and service.

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Sascha Jooss
Sales / Account Manager

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