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Hospitals & clinics

Secure digital networking of health care actors

There can be barely another sector in which the various actors are as networked as they are in healthcare. Digitisation of processes promises efficiency gains and higher quality. At the same time, however the greatest possible attention must be paid to data protection and secure communication between the actors. USP Secure Entry Server® protects patient data at the highest level and ensures encrypted and signed communication between the IT systems in the health service.

Secure access to patient data

Mobile patient records on the tablet

A patient's records can be called up in full and in the most recent version at any time, wherever they are required, on smartphones and tablets, at the patient's bed side, in the consulting room or at the nursing station. This means that the staff treating the patient can capture and process information in real time, which critically enhances the quality of treatment and efficiency.

Electronic collaboration with partner institutions

It is precisely this cross-institution use of eHealth applications that presents a particular challenge to many hospitals. The use of web services allows such operations to be automated in part and hence improves collaboration.

Extranet for registered doctors

Doctors can also significantly reduce the amount of time they have to spend at the hospital if patient information is also easily and securely accessible from their own practice or from home. Until now, extranet access was generally only possible using remote access solutions, that are complex for the user and are unsuitable when using smartphones or tablets. The obstacles are too great, user-friendliness is lacking and so the doctors are not inclined to use the extranet.

Protection against OWASP's top ten risks

Data protection and integrity when handling patient data and other security-sensitive information.

User-friendly access to information

User-friendly and secure access to hospital applications and data thanks to simple authentication with the Health Professional Card, SuisseID, MobileID and so on.

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