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Web Access Management

Extremely secure: With the USP Secure Entry Server® you decide who gets close to you. And this protects your data, applications and processes.

As a strong protector of your web applications, portals and web services, the USP SES offers the highest standard of security.

The only multi-cloud Web Access Management solution enables the enforcement of uniform security standards beyond company boundaries. The USP SES thus also protects hybrid infrastructures simply and reliably against cyber threats.

USP Secure Entry Server®


Extremely powerful

SES WAF stands impregnable before your web applications and allows nothing and no-one to get to what you want to protect.

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Extremely convenient

With SES ACCESS you have control over how and how often your users have to identify themselves - from single sign-on to strong authentication.

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Extremely collaborative

SES FEDERATE builds up protected environments between your business and the applications provided by business partners or cloud services. And ensures the necessary access security.

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Extremely userfriendly

Our turn-key ready and cost effective variation of a simple user management system, featuring an inbuilt user directory for the delegated administration of users, is called SES IDENTITY.

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Application delivery

Extremely engaging: anyone wishing to access your applications must first get past USP Secure Entry Server®. The intelligent gatekeeper ensures that your security needs are met. And keeps a log for you to trace and check.

Protection for web applications and portals

Extremely secure: your web services are in secure hands and are protected to the highest standards – and they are available to you quickly at all times. Available precisely when you need them.

Multi-factor authentication

Extremely secure: with USP Secure Entry Server® your unique design determines how many and which keys your customers and staff use to access your web application.

Single sign-on

Extremely convenient: the need for multiple user accounts and passwords has been consigned to history. Through USP Secure Entry Server® you can get access to multiple applications with just one log-in.

Federation & Cloud Identity Integration

Extremely collaborative: use cloud services beyond your organisation, without having to give up on the security and practicality of single sign-on.

Visible Security

Extremely visible: The security dashboard provides a real-time overview of the intercepted attacks, other detected anomalies, your current threat situation and the compliance status.


Total platform versatility

Hardware Appliance

The ready-to-use, optimized and scalable solution is offered as a standard rack server and will fit in seamlessly with your datacenter. It offers high performance, built-in redundancy fea-tures, and business-aligned warranty.

Virtual Appliance

USP SES is available as a virtual appliance for VMWare ESX and Citrix XEN. As such it is the perfect fit for virtualized datacenters – both for an organization’s own use and for service providers.


Many hosting providers and platform-as-a-service providers have added the USP Secure Entry Server® to their offering. Check our the partner list to find if your provider is already certified.


As a cloud appliance, USP SES offers reliable protection for web applications both in the private as well as in the public cloud. The resources can be adapted dynamically to the actual demand.

Managed Service

Many companies place the operation of the USP Secure Entry Server® in the trusted hands of United Security Providers' 24/7 Security Operations Center.


USP Secure Entry Server® is available as a container-based solution: As a container, the SES becomes an integral part of the agile development process for every application and every service.

«Insurance companies and banks, government, hospitals and industrial businesses: successful institutions in Switzerland trust in United Security Providers' Web Application Security. »

Michael Liebi


Sectors and customers

Each of our customers is unique. They have one thing in common: they value the USP Secure Entry Server® as a strong solution for secure and dynamic working.

Banks & insurance companies

High-quality protection of financial and transaction data and user-friendly authentication of users making use of online Services.

Hospitals & clinics

User-friendly access to patient data for doctors, hospital and care staff and partner institutions.


The security must-haves for availability and performance in online shopping and the security of customer data throughout the shopping process.

Public sector

The secure foundation on which to build and expand e-government services in cities, communities and regions.


Reliable protection of business secrets and business-critical infrastructures and secure electronic collaboration with partners throughout the entire value-added chain.

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