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Mobile Geräte & BYOD

Be efficient in implementing your mobile security strategy.

Simple and secure integration of mobile devices into the enterprise network

Tablets and smartphones undermine conventional security arrangements. On the one hand, because they cannot be administered adequately. On the other hand, because the user cannot have his rights restricted. Mobile device management (MDM) tools such as MobileIron read the status information from the devices. The USP Network Authentication System® uses this status information to take a high-quality access decision in the event of an access to the network to allocate the mobile device to the correct network segment.


More mobility

Your staff have location-independent access to information - even from their personal mobile devices if need be.

Staff satisfaction

Your staff can work with the infrastructure that suits them best. This means that they are more content and more productive in their work.

Cost savings

We are familiar with the different financing models and implementation concepts which permit cost-efficient integration of mobile devices into the enterprise network.


The mobile security and BYOD solutions using the USP Network Authentication System® will also adapt to future demands.

MobileIron Technology Alliance Partner

As a MobileIron Technology Alliance Partner, the USP Network Authentication System® makes the integration of mobile devices into the enterprise network particularly easy.

The USP Network Authentication System® receives comprehensive status information regarding all mobile devices from MobileIron. These allow it to take a high-quality decision as to access to the network.

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