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Guests would like to have access to the Internet from your meeting rooms. And in many places, customers request WiFi in publicly accessible areas. Also, your staff would like to surf the Internet wirelessly from their mobile devices.

Captive Portal

In brief: your guests should be able to get onto the network simply and quickly while being able to use only the services intended for them.

As a modern business, you can offer your guests free Internet access, without critical areas of the network being exposed.

USP Captive Portal: guests register themselves independently using a text message


USP Captive Portal provides secure Internet access for guests, customers and private devices. 

Guests are taken to the registration page when they connect to the company WiFi. They are given Internet access for a limited time after a simple registration process.

The identity of the guests can be tracked at all times thanks to registration by text message code.

Whitepaper «Captive Portal»

Download the free whitepaper on the «USP Captive Portal» and learn how simple it is to give your guests secure Internet access through your network.

Download the whitepaper

Benefits of Captive Portal

User friendly: simple registration

When he connects with your network, your guest's browser opens the welcome page for Captive Portal, where he registers himself. Registration is easy and user-friendly. No help from IT support is necessary.

Legally compliant: know user identities

Users register on the Captive Portal using a text message code. A user is only granted access to the Internet once his identity has been established without doubt. This is the precondition for your business not being liable for accesses to illegal web pages.

Individual and modern: in your design

Logo, colour and font: Captive Portal is designed completely in accordance with your corporate design. Visual recognition simplifies assignment of the Internet offering to the business and enhances trust and user friendliness.

Expandable: work wirelessly and productively

Would you like to take the extra step, and allow your staff to work wirelessly using WiFi? WiFi access to productive network resources can also be made secure. Find out more about Enterprise Wireless.

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Tobias Aebi
NAC Consultant

T +41 31 959 02 29
E-Mail tobias.aebi(at)


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