Automatically into the right network segment

What is happening with devices newly connected to your network?

The USP Network Authentication System® gives you an overview and control of your network.

Dynamic VLAN management for LAN and WLAN

The USP Network Authentication System® automatically assigns devices newly connected to the network to the appropriate network segment.

Whether it is a guest who should be connected to the guest network, an unexpected device that should be moved to the quarantine zone or the developer who needs to be connected to his working environment, USP Network Authentication System® dynamically ensures in the background that the network is in the correct state.

Mobile staff

Wherever, whenever: your staff connect their devices to the network and are immediately granted access to your internal network.

Internet access for guests

Guests connecting their devices to the network, or staff connecting their personal devices are automatically taken to the guest VLAN where they can register for Internet access.

Utility devices VLAN

Utility devices are assigned to a separate VLAN. Newly connected utility devices such as printers, VoIP phones, CCTV cameras or automated devices are detected and automatically assigned to this VLAN.

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Further information and technical data relating to USP Network Authentication System® may be found in the white paper.



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