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The right solution for every network

Versatile use in different use cases: simple and rapid integration into any network topologies ensure economic benefits and security from the very first day. For a multitude of solutions, customised to your challenges.

Transparency and monitoring in the network

What devices are active when on your network? Get an up-to-date view of the devices connected to the network at all times. Comprehensive reporting options at the press of a key.

Protection against foreign devices in the network

Devices newly connected to the network are detected. Only known devices are granted access to the network. Unknown or foreign devices are blocked or moved into the quarantine area, where they can do no damage.

Automatically into the right network

Automatic assignment of end devices to appropriate network zones: all devices are directed to the appropriate network segment for them on the basis of their features with the application of your company's network access guidelines.

Guests network

Guests in meeting rooms or publicly accessible areas wishing to use the guest WiFi log in to the captive portal themselves in accordance with the law by text message or voucher.

Mobile devices & BYOD

Enable secure network access using mobile devices, whether they are personal or company devices.

LAN and WLAN under one roof

USP Network Authentication System® permits central enforcement of network access policies for wired and wireless accesses.

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NAC Consultant


T +41 31 959 02 29
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