Network monitoring for multinationals

Sales operations or production sites throughout the world: it is vital for multinationally active companies that their networks operate flawlessly. It is just these large network environments that need adequate protection to prevent them allowing a gateway to unauthorised users or damaging software. A network access control is therefore the tool to bring oversight and transparency to the network for internationally active businesses.



Internationally active businesses choose USP NAS, the only 100% Swiss made network access control solution from United Security Providers.


Transparency in the network

A central view of all devices connected to the global network: at headquarters, on production sites and in sales offices

Protect business secrets and production plans

Focused protection against economic espionage: thanks to policy-based network access security, only authorised devices are given access to the network.

Enforce network policies automatically

Devices newly connected to the network are automatically assigned to the right network Segment.

Internet access for guests and staff using personal devices

Only authorised devices are given access to operational network resources. All others may register with the captive portal on the guest LAN and are then granted Internet access.

Contact Person

Tobias Aebi
NAC Consultant

T +41 31 959 02 29
E-Mail tobias.aebi(at)


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