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Network security for hospitals and clinics

Networks in hospitals and clinics are subject to enormous tensions between security and flexibility. Medical staff require access to patient information to be as simple as possible to allow efficient treatment. Patients use the hospital network to surf the Internet and medical devices only develop their full benefit once networked with surrounding systems and the patient information system. Swiss hospitals are turning to USP Network Authentication System®, the Swiss-made NAC solution from United Security Providers to handle all these requirements on a hospital network.

Flexibility and security in a hospital network

Automatic enforcement of network access policies

USP NAS allows automatic assignment of all devices connected to the network to different network segments (VLANs). This not only increases security, but also enhances efficiency for the users.

Flexible network access for staff

Staff with authorised devices have, through USP NAS, flexible access to information, or can record such information into the patient information system – right at the bedside.

Internet access for patients

Patients and guests use the hospital network for Internet access, without the need to operate a separate network just for this purpose. The integrated captive portal allows a login to the WLAN network for Internet use.

Legally compliant Internet access

Guests, patients and staff register themselves in the captive portal and, after authentication, are granted access to the Internet by voucher or text message (captive portal).

Interoperability of medical devices

Medical devices develop their full benefit when, connected to the network, they communicate with each other and with the patient information system. This is possible securely, easily and without interruption using USP NAS.

Patient data remains protected

Only authorised devices are given access to operational network resources. Foreign devices are automatically moved to a separate network zone.

What our customers say

Operation network security

«Thanks to network segmenting in combination with network access monitoring by the USP Network Authentication System®, the Hospital Emmental has the greatest possible levels of flexibility and security in its network.»

Download its success story and other documents about the USP Network Authentication System®.

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