Finance & insurance sector

Transparency and compliance in the network

Banks do not compromise when they are dealing with the confidentiality, reliability and integrity of customer data. This is why they turn to United Security Providers' Network Authentication System® – and hence to 100% Swiss-made software.


Transparency in the network

What devices are connected to my network?

Data protection

Reliable enforcement of network access policies permits focused and effective protection of sensitive customer and transaction data.

Integrity of the network

Only authorised devices are allowed access to the network. USP Network Authentication System® protects against unauthorised accesses via the LAN and the on-demand WLAN.

Access control

Time and location-independent access to customer data for staff with appropriate logging.


Documentation and verification of all accesses to the network: today and in the past


Policy-compliant traceability and traceability of data communication thanks to comprehensive reporting

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Further information and technical data relating to USP Network Authentication System® may be found in the white paper.



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