Customers & industries

Each of our customers is unique. One they have in common: they appreciate the USP Network Authentication System® as a strong solution for safe and easy access to the network.

Watch our short film and learn from SBB's example why successful companies rely on Network Access Control solution from United Security Providers.

Industry examples

Customers from all industries rely on the USP Network Authentication System®.

Typical application scenarios of our NAC solution in selected industries: 

Financial service providers

Swiss financial institutions ensure transparency in their network and meet compliance requirements with the USP Network Authentication System®.

Hospitals & clinics

The USP Network Authentication System® has become firmly established in many hospitals and clinics as it allows them manage the balance between security and flexibility in their network.


The USP Network Authentication System® allows companies active internationally to enforce their network policies internationally from a central point, giving them full control over their network.


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