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USP Network Authentication System®

Whether a member of staff or as a guest, from within the office or on the road, wired or wireless:
Everyone is give the appropriate secure access to your network. And you keep an eye on things at all times.

Basic module Network Access Control

With the basic module, you have a real-time view of your network and know which devices are currently connected to the network. You get full transparency and protect your network from external devices by only giving known devices access to productive network resources. The basic module is supplemented with comprehensive reporting functionalities.

Additional Modules - for even more network security

VLAN Management

Automatic assignment of terminal devices to suitable network zones such as a guest network, quarantine or an internal network.

Endpoint Compliance

Only devices complying with the company's guidelines are given access to operational IT resources. Devices not complying with the guidelines are automatically moved into a quarantine zone.


Devices newly connected to the network are detected by USP Network Authentication System® and authenticated by MAC and/or 802.1X. This is how you can make sure that only authorised devices gain access to the network.

End device profiling

End devices are identified and categorised by their communication behaviour. This simplifies the administration of end devices and reduces operating costs.


Multi-tenancy makes it possible to distribute the management and operation of different system parts to different user groups in order to cope with the distribution of company roles in larger companies

High availability

The USP Network Authentication System® can optionally be operated redundantly with high availability.

Purchase options

SME Packages

Network security in SMEs is important.

But plannable costs and maximum flexibility are just as elementary in the SME environment.

The attractive SME Packages of the USP Network Authentication System® combine the needs of SMEs for effective protection at a moderate cost.

NAC Enterprise

Network Access Control in large companies = a major project? Not at all!

A phased increase in network security quickly leads to success in large companies.

With the first step - the commissioning of the USP Network Authentication System® - you can noticeably increase network security. Then you scale the product according to your needs.

Test package

Test our best protection for your corporate network.

Network Access Control is quickly implemented and easy to use. Convince yourself and download the USP Network Authentication System® test package in just a few clicks.

Highest Usability


100% Swiss made

regardless of the manufacturer

simple: integration with just a few clicks

agentless: No terminal software

scalable: from SMEs to large enterprises

easy to operate

Easy to use

The USP Network Authentication System® has an intuitive user interface and is available to users in German and Englis


The reporting functions in the USP Network Authentication System® are easy to use in your browser. Create individual reports for all needs. With a search function, filter options applying wide-ranging parameters, scheduled reports and much more.

Role-based system

Seven different roles provide each user with simple access to the functions he needs and allow a logical distribution of responsibility, authorisation levels and areas of responsibility.

Products Applications - Versatile benefits for a variety of solutions, tailored to your challenges.

Transparency and monitoring in the network

What devices are active when on your network? Get an up-to-date view of the devices connected to the network at all times. Comprehensive reporting options at the press of a key.

Automatically into the right network

Automatic assignment of end devices to appropriate network zones: all devices are directed to the appropriate network segment for them on the basis of their features with the application of your company's network access guidelines.

Mobile Geräte & BYOD

Enable secure network access using mobile devices, whether they are personal or company devices.

Protection against foreign devices in the network

Devices newly connected to the network are detected. Only known devices are granted access to the network. Unknown or foreign devices are blocked or moved into the quarantine area, where they can do no damage.

Guests network

Guests in meeting rooms or publicly accessible areas wishing to use the guest WiFi log in to the captive portal themselves in accordance with the law by text message or voucher.

LAN and WLAN under one roof

USP Network Authentication System® permits central enforcement of network access policies for wired and wireless accesses.

Total platform versatility

Hardware appliance

As a hardware appliance, the USP Network Authentication System® seamlessly integrates into heterogeneous network landscapes as a turnkey and scalable solution. The hardware appliance is based on a standard rack server architecture, which is equipped with redundant hard disks and redundant power supply.


Virtual appliance

As a virtualized appliance, the USP Network Authentication System® fits perfectly in VMWare ESX environments. This makes it ideal for use in data centers - both internally within the company and externally at service providers.



Managed Service

Many companies place the operation of the USP Network Authentication System® in the trusted hands of the United Security Providers' 7x24h Security Operations Center.


Contact Person

Tobias Aebi
NAC Consultant

T +41 31 959 02 29
E-Mail tobias.aebi(at)


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