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USP Connect®

Your Digital Interface to our Managed Security Services

You can use USP Connect® to manage the managed security services you have subscribed to – at any time, from anywhere.
You will enjoy complete transparency with the highest security in real time.    

Your benefits

Transparency & control

USP Connect® gives you an overview of and control over the status of your cyber security services. Open tickets or pending changes are shown transparently and understandably and are professionally monitored by our 24x7 Security Operations Center.

User Experience

The USP Connect® user interface is intuitive to use and is protected against unauthorised access by multifactor authentication. Furthermore, users benefit from role-based views, contextual help and personal customisation options in QuickNavigation.

Overview in real time

The comprehensive Security Dashboard provides a real time overview of key performance indicators and site-specific status information. You are kept informed of your cyber security services - wherever you are.

USP Connect® Features

Service Management

USP Connect® provides you with an easy-to-use ticketing system for recording incidents and change requests. All your issues are taken and handled directly by our specialists. We can guarantee maximum efficiency in handling all queries — our processes have proved themselves time and again.


USP Connect® has comprehensive and reliable reporting options and data analysis tools. Any important KPI can be called up with just a few clicks in the dashboard. The user has real-time analyses available and can download reports with ease. 

Precise access rights

With role-based access rights, you can decide for yourself who has what access privileges and who may view what data in USP Connect®. Every user has individual access rights that define on a fine-grained basis what content he should be shown given his location or his role in the business.

Contact Person

Sascha Jooss
Sales / Account Manager

T +41 44 496 61 42



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