Wide Area Network

The Wide Area Network Service allows simple and secure networking of resources and data across a number of business locations. United Security Providers keeps its eye on the entire network and solves connection problems quickly and efficiently all around the world.

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Service Overview

Basic Service

The Wide Area Network Service connects multiple locations through secure IP VPN tunnels. A company network structured in this way offers simple and secure access to data and resources and is completely customised to the needs of the business.


  • Link Balancing
    Optimised data distribution over the resources available
  • Traffic Shaping
    Prioritising important data traffic
  • Partner VPN
    Operation of a site-to-site link to other companies / partners
  • DHCP Service
    Use of the firewall infrastructure as a DHCP server


Secure independence

The Wide Area Network Service is independent of ISPs and transmission technologies and guarantees a secure and independent company network.

Improved performance

The use of different cable technologies enhances the WAN's performance and ensures the best possible availability across the network.

Cost savings

The use of Internet lines operated by local providers ensures an optimum price/performance ratio fully adapted to your individual business requirements and needs.


Remo Brunschweiler

Partner Manager, Member of the senior management team

T+44  20 3714 1826

E-Mail remo.brunschweiler@united-security-providers.com

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