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Web Proxy

Internet access is a feature of modern office life, however, it comes with a multitude of hazards. The Web Proxy Service monitors the incoming and outgoing data traffic thus forms an additional security stage between the user and the Internet.

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Service Overview


Basic service

The Web Proxy Service checks the data traffic for viruses and malware, making sure that damaging software is trapped and eliminated at the perimeter of the network.


  • Web Filter
    Websites can be permitted or blocked, in accordance with a comprehensive database of categories
  • Proxy Authentication
    The Proxy Service may only be used with a valid AD account. A fine-grained concept for Internet access rights can be defined using AD groups
  • Application Control
    Blocks undesirable applications or restricts applications to the functions that are truly required
  • Intrusion Detection
    Detects attack patterns and blocks or logs the attacks
  • SSL Inspection 
    Allows the inspection and protection of encrypted HTTPS data traffic
  • Certificate Management
    The USP Security Operations Center manages the certificates for the SSL Inspection option
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
    Prevents the loss of critical company information
  • PAC File
    Distributes the browser configuration with a Proxy Auto Configuration (PAC) file



Security policies

The Web Proxy Service implements your Internet access security policies by monitoring the data flow between the internal network and the Internet.

Reliable network protection

Detailed inspection of Internet access means that damaging software can be trapped and attacks originating in the Internet can be successfully prevented. Buffering of data allows detailed investigation so that both malware and Internet attacks are defeated.

For you, this means productive and secure staff with reliable protection of your internal data.

Expansion options

The Web Proxy Service has many options allowing it to be customised to your company's particular requirements.

Contact Person

Thomas Stetka
Sales / Account Manager

T +41 44 496 61 38
E-Mail thomas.stetka(at)u-s-p.ch


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