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Web Application Firewall

Protect your web applications with our web application firewall service and reduce IT risks by locking hackers out of what is today the most common point of attack.

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Service Overview


Basic Service

The Web Application Firewall monitors and filters requests to your web applications. The main gateway to your web applications is defended against hackers so that the applications and sensitive data are afforded the best protection against attacks, such as the OWASP top 10.


  • Advanced Service
    Extended protection functions for the dynamic content of web apps and portals
  • ICAP Interface
    Operation of a standardised ICAP interface for linking external resources into the WAF
  • Certificate Management
    SSL certificates are monitored and managed from the USP Security Operations Centert
  • XML-Firewall
    Additional protection of XML/SOAP applications which provide data, such as an XML/SOAP interface
  • Test instance
    Operation of an additional WAF test and development environment



Simple, secure access

The Web Application Firewall offers simple and secure access from the Internet to your web applications as a reverse proxy for the https and http protocols.

User experience

The user or customer can easily access all the protected web applications through a single portal.

Protection of sensitive data

The Web Application Firewall service accepts all requests from the Internet on behalf of your servers. It thus provides effective protection against attacks such as the OWASP top 10 risks.

Uniform protection mechanisms

The Web Application Firewall service provides a uniform and comprehensive protection for web applications.


Contact Person

Thomas Stetka
Sales / Account Manager

T +41 44 496 61 38
E-Mail thomas.stetka(at)u-s-p.ch


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