Firewalls remain indispensable for protecting your company network against attacks from the Internet. They prevent unauthorised access from other networks and so provide the basic security for any company's data and applications.   

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Service Overview

Basic Service

The Managed Firewall Service securely isolates different network zones, for example the company's internal network and the Internet, from one another. The firewall controls the flow of data between the different network zones and blocks unauthorised data traffic.


  • Network Segmentation
    Operation of an additional network segment terminating on the firewall infrastructure
  • Link Balancing
    Optimised data distribution over the resources available
  • DHCP Service
    Use of the firewall infrastructure as a DHCP server or for forwarding DHCP messages


Reduction of IT risks

The firewall eliminates the greatest dangers of attacks from the Internet. Potential attackers are fended off so that internal data and resources are protected.

Data analysis

Maintaining firewall logs is not only useful for subsequent analysis of any attack, but is often also a basic tool in the in-depth analysis of network problems.

Graduated Security

Dividing the network into different risk zones appropriate to their individual IT security concept makes specific protection of business-critical data and applications possible. 


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