USP Connect® services

For full productivity and agility.

USP Connect® provides in its comprehensive set of managed services everything you need for 24/7 security in your perimeter infrastructure. Get to know the services from USP Connect®.


Monitor the data traffic between zones with different protection needs, between your enterprise network and the Internet, for instance. This will eliminate the risk of unauthorised accesses and reduce IT risks.

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Wide area network

Network your company sites securely and reliably using IP VPN. Adapt site networking to your needs precisely with a flexible and cost-effective network solution.

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Remote access

Increase your staff's productivity. Provide them with on-the-road access to the company network that is just as straightforward and secure as if they were working in the office.

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Mail gateway

Make it possible for your staff to work easily with email, without being troubled by unwanted content. You will increase your security by protecting against malware and phishing attacks.

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Network access

By monitoring internal network access strictly, gain transparency over your network and eliminate all important sources of attack thanks to the wireless access monitoring included.

Web proxy

The web proxy service acts as an agent between your staff and the Internet and enforces your security guidelines. The web proxy makes fast and convenient web-surfing possible and protects clients against dangerous content and against undesirable Internet content.

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Web application firewall

Protect your web applications with our web application firewall service and reduce the IT risks by locking hackers out of what is today the most common entry route for attacks. 

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Web authentication

Save on costs by providing secure user-friendly access to web applications: The central, upstream authentication simplifies the systems located behind and reduces the demand for user support.

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