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Network vulnerability analysis

You understand the importance of security and are committed to ensuring your network is secure, protected and stable. And there will still be areas where you may not have a complete overview. Measure the security, productivity and performance of your network now.

The network scan provides visibility, thanks to a clear report and our expert interpretation tips. The analysis is fast, reliable and infrastructure-independent.

Example report

You will be provided with a clear, comprehensive and easy-to-understand report. This allows you to take a detailed look at the security status of the network. Our security experts support you in interpreting the report and the collected data. In addition, you will receive support for prioritizing & closing the discovered vulnerabilities.

Your benefit

Security & Threat Prevention

You are provided with a detailed view of the vulnerabilities in your network so that you can effectively prevent them.

Transparency & Visibility

With the assessment, you will find out which applications are used in your company and how.

Expert tips for your security


We use specific examples to explain which dependencies are existing in your network.


You will also receive recommendations that will help you to achieve the desired improvements.


We will assist you in prioritising the measures so as to ensure that the changes are tackled efficiently.

The analysis process

1 Registration & Target Definition

In the preparatory discussion with our security experts, you determine which areas of the network are to be examined, what results are to be expected and how the assessment is to proceed.

2 Preparation

For the network scan, a sensor adapted to the respective environment is used to collect the required information.

3 Recording

The sensor collects information for your Cyber Threat Report for 7 days.

4 Creating a Report

The information is evaluated and prepared in a detailed report.

5 Review of your report

Our security experts will explain the report to you and show you in a review discussion which security gaps exist and with which solutions you can close them.

Your Contact

Your Contact

Dominique Löliger
Manager MSS Professional Services

T +41 31 959 02 21
E-Mail dominique.loeliger(at)



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