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Customised security in the IT department and the perimeter

Skills and know-how

Analysis of protection needs and requirements

Working together with you we will analyse the relevant data, applications, business processes and network infrastructure to determine the protection need.

The requirements on the architecture, organisation and processes will be derived from this and documented.

The requirements are examined in the light of the actual circumstances and the action requirements are thus determined.

Recording of proposed solutions and recommendations

Our consultants bring their experience to bear and will draw up various proposed solutions. These will be fully tailored to your needs and the size of your requirement. The solutions will be evaluated in collaboration with you and the right recommendation will be made. Our solutions always focus on efficient and cost-optimised operation alongside the security aspects.

Implementation and project management

You can also count on our support during implementation. You can access professionals from our one-stop shop for all aspects of IT security systems, from complete project planning through to evaluation and implementation. We can cover all aspects of the network and infrastructure, from a network security guideline, through a thoroughly worked-out zone concept to the introduction of a complex firewall infrastructure.

Reference projects

IT Security Assessment

Verification of the actual status of IT security and of the costs in various areas such as the firewall, DMZ, proxy, WAN, LAN and mobile devices. The analysis phase of a project for updating the IT environment for a food company included the aspect of IT and network security. The objective of the assessment was to produce a report containing a prioritised list of measures with outline cost estimates for the measures recommended for the improvement of information security in the areas studied.

Network access service design and network zoning

Acting as the full IT service provider for a customer in healthcare, we found it important for our customer that we secure and monitor network accesses. A strategy and implementation architecture for a network access service were drafted and the operational processes were defined. A zone architecture was then designed to allow the customer and provider's IT systems to be operated in segmented networks. The appropriate processes for the implementation were defined and specified for the IT service management systems.

Upgrading network zoning

A new network zoning system for location and provider-independent linking of business, infrastructure and management zones was designed and built for a Swiss transport company. The zones are connected to a newly-designed, IPv6-capable backbone and can be administered very flexibly.

«Our customers appreciate our precise and efficient support in the management of IT security projects. They benefit from the experience and client focus of United Security Providers' specialists.»

Stephan Siegrist

Manager Consulting & Projects

Contact Person

Marcel Neiger
Head of Consulting & Projects

T +41 31 959 02 38
E-Mail marcel.neiger(at)


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