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From strategy to implementation

Five steps to secure mobile solutions.

Skills and know-how

Use Cases

The five strategic dimensions (user groups, devices, services and data, accesses and guidelines) are examined and mapped in the USP mobile matrix. The relevant use cases and the guidelines required are derived from the five dimensions. The requirements are examined in the light of the actual circumstances and the action requirements are thus determined.

Proposed solutions and recommendations

Routes for the implementation of the organisational and technical requirements are laid out and prioritised in joint deliberations. A risk analysis is performed so that the right solution can be chosen, taking account of the acceptable risks. You have an implementation-oriented strategy for the secure deployment of your mobile end devices in your hand.

Implementation and project management

You can also count on our support during implementation. Our professionals will support you in all aspects of security elements in the mobile environment, from complete project planning through to evaluation and implementation. We also concern ourselves with your users and support you in running an IT security awareness campaign.

Reference projects

Mobile security strategic for local administration

Mobile devices have noticeably gained a foothold, or requests to allow their use have been made, in areas of the administration, schools and the emergency services in the canton. Collaborating with USP, the cantonal authority examined the strategic dimensions of “users, devices, accesses, services/data and policies“ and derived the relevant use cases from them. The gaps in these areas were determined and the policies required established and prioritised. It proved possible to elucidate the thrust of the services required in the future through targeted questionnaires to the customers. Proceeding from the use cases and the policies, a system architecture for the implementation of the mobile security strategy was ultimately developed.

Mobile security strategy for a commercial group

The customer is looking for a tried-and-tested procedure allowing him to regulate and integrate the deployment of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets in his business. The development of the mobile security strategy helps the business to set correctly the priorities in respect of contemporary use of mobile services. The integral system architecture will allow a secure and controllable operation of the mobile infrastructure.

Mobile device strategic for city administration and schools

Applying USP's established procedure, the current situation was recorded and the relevant use cases derived from this on behalf of a city administration. The study revealed that not all use cases for schools and the city administration can be covered securely given the current organisational and technical circumstances. A new strategy was formulated promoting the use of mobile end devices and defining the measures necessary: guidelines, remuneration, mobile device management, adjustments to the WLAN infrastructure.

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