Cloud security

Information security and cloud computing – not a contradiction

Skills and know-how

Cloud GRC

Using our cloud security maturity model as a basis, we assess the maturity of your IT in its dealings with cloud topics.

Consulting our cloud governance risk compliance model we can then create the foundations for secure business processes in the cloud.

Which business processes can now be sensibly supported with the help of cloud solutions, and where are the risks too high?

Cloud IAM

One of the most important foundations of a successful and secure cloud operating model is the design of a uniform and standardised identity federation with the various cloud providers.

We can put together a seamless IAM process for your cloud projects using our own product line and the Microsoft range of products (AD-FS, Microsoft Identity Manager).

Cloud transformation

We will give you constant support in building up a complete, security-oriented cloud use approach.

From planning and design, through to monitoring of the cloud transformation process, we will be your companion on your journey to the cloud.

Drawing on the experience from our extensive network, we can advise you on best practices and draw up a comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of your cloud model.

Reference projects

Security analysis in a public cloud (SaaS)

Evaluation of the cloud security of a cloud provider in respect of the data security of the storage of data subject to data protection regulation.

Security review cloud strategy

Drafting of a statement on a proposal for a cloud strategy in the public sector.

Cloud security policies

Development of security guidelines over the entire cloud life-cycle for the various business divisions in a national corporation.

Answering the question: what do the various business divisions have to take into consideration when they are deploying cloud technologies?

Get your own security professional

«Cloud first is OK, but securely, please. Focused and state-of-the-art security mechanisms will help ensure that you can run your cloud applications securely and stably. The cost savings and flexibility that cloud solutions bring are first-and-foremost in the centre of our deliberations.»

Andres Wohler, Security Consultant, United Security Providers

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