Webinar SAP vulnerabilites and security threats- United Security Providers

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Webinar SAP vulnerabilities and security threats

Securing your SAP environment with Web Access Management, provides protection whilst implementing SAP security patches.

According to recent independent research (Onapsis 2015) 95% of the SAP systems examined showed security vulnerabilities caused by missing patches or misconfiguration.

On average it takes companies circa 18months to implement new SAP patches, potentially leaving systems vulnerable to attack. Eliminate these vulnerabilities immediately using USP’s SAP certified Secure Entry Server® Web Access Management solution.

The complimentary SAP Web Access Management webinar covers a range of key security aspects and offers highlights of substantial business benefits:

What will be covered?

  • Know the top 2015 vulnerabilities against SAP
  • Manage SAP cyber risks
  • Increase security immediately, eliminating SAP application layer vulnerabilities
  • Establish baseline security and gain independence from SAP Security patches
  • Risk-based approach for accessing information assets (multi-factor authentication)
  • Single Sign-On for SAP Platforms, Mobile Apps and Portals
  • Introduce new ways of collaboration through federated identity

Business Benefits:

  • Full protection of sensitive and valuable data on SAP from cyber-attacks (OWASP Top 10 Risks)
  • Meet compliance standards
  • Reduce operations cost by consolidating web access management to one comprehensive and versatile solution
  • TCO Reduction thanks to an all-in-one Security Platform
  • Advanced persistent threat protection
  • Access to data when required for employees, partners and clients
  • User friendly and safe web access to information
  • Easy and safe cross-organizational collaboration

Our webinar partner:

Turnkey Consulting is a world leader in Security, Controls and Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) consulting for SAP software. With extensive audit and industry specific experience, their specialist SAP security consultants have a unique insight into risk management best practice. www.turnkeyconsulting.com

Learn more about how to eliminate SAP vulnerabilities with secure Web Access Management. The online live webinar is scheduled for Tuesday, 8th December 2015, 11:00 – 12:00 AM.

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