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USP Secure Entry Server® as a container-based solution

Web Application Security und Access Management für DevOps

Infrastructure decentralisation, the cloud, DevOps, hybrid application environments and application-centred development approaches are the IT reality in many companies. With the launch of a version of USP Secure Entry Server® based on Docker containers, United Security Providers is meeting the needs of the many companies whose development strategies are highly agile. With the solution, the Web Access Management platform can be integrated in IaaS environments even more easily, is PaaS-enabled and can be dynamically orchestrated.

A WAF for every app 

An individual web application firewall (WAF) is launched as an SES WAF container for each application and each microservice. In this way, the WAF also forms part of the development platform or development process. This reduces the additional security-related effort during the productive startup of a service or application.

Central control in distributed application landscapes

In hybrid environments, any number of additional SES instances can be run – in container form, on-premises or in the cloud. In large, distributed and hybrid environments, it is difficult to verify and implement compliance requirements. With USP Connect®, USP provides a central, private, cloud-based management solution for this. IT management and IT security have central control over the security of their web applications thanks to the security dashboard, comprehensive monitoring and reporting options and automated policy enforcement. This makes things far easier, particularly in hybrid and dynamically orchestrated container environments. The solution also supports the connection of existing SIEM tools such as Splunk or ArcSight.

Access management – identity provider and central authentication

SES Access, the authentication component of the USP Secure Entry Server®, provides a powerful authentication layer, for controlling users’ access to a wide variety of applications and services.

The way is clear for the hybrid multi-cloud environment

A service-oriented solution for integrated web access management that can uniformly meet compliance requirements even in DevOps and hybrid multi-cloud environments is something new. “This solution approach is a real innovation. As far as we know, United Security Providers is the first company in the world to offer decentralised, containerised WAFs with simultaneous monitoring, steering and control,” says Michael Liebi, CEO of United Security Providers.

Successful pilot operation in large companies

With the container-based version, United Security Providers is addressing an unresolved pain point of many innovative companies grappling with containerisation. “The USP solution approach is proving to be a concept with enormous potential, and meets the growing need for flexibility, agility and security in equal measure. A pilot version of the solution is already being tested by a European insurance group,” states Michael Liebi.


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