Engineering Course


The strong practical focus of the course equips participants with the expertise necessary to install, configurate and run a USP Secure Entry Server® Appliance.

On request

3 Days

Zurich / London

Participation in course with presentations and exercises

CHF 2'700.00 excluding VAT per person
including lunch and course material

German / English (course material in English)

Target audience

  • IT security engineers
  • Administrators & operators
  • Application engineers
  • Network engineers

Course objectives

You are familiar with the exciting fields of web application security & access management and are aware of the challenges and pitfalls connected with it. You know the workings and possibilities of the USP Secure Entry Server® and know how to gain both maximum benefit and optimal protection of web applications from it. Through numerous practical examples, you are able to independently install and configurate the USP Secure Entry Server®, as well as ensuring its operation.


The course is run by the experienced integrators and security engineers of United Security Providers and therefore has strong practical relevance, as well as a high amount of hands-on tasks.

  • Web application security & access management in general
  • Architecture, workings und possibilities of the USP Secure Entry Server®
  • Hands-On: Installation und start-up of USP Secure Entry Server®
  • Hands-On: Integration of applications including base protection
  • OWASP top 10 threats to web applications
  • Hands-On: Extended protective measures for Secure Entry Server®
  • Workings und possibilities of the authentication component (SES Access)
  • Workings und possibilities of the federation component (SES Federate)
  • Hands-On: base authentication
  • Hands-On: Multi-factor authentication process with hardware OTP Token, PKI Client certificates as well as MTAN
  • Hands-On: Federation via SAML
  • Hands-On: Administration and maintenance of USP Secure Entry Server®
  • Hands-On: Tools for operation, troubleshooting and integration


A basic knowledge of the following topics is necessary in order to gain maximum benefit from the course.

  • Network concepts and technologies (zones, routing, TCP/IP, …)
  • Web technologies (HTML, Javascript, …)
  • HTTP Protocol
  • PKI und SSL/TLS