Web access management video - USP Secure Entry Server® explained in simple terms

Always searching for improvements in cost effectiveness and greater agility, IT departments are more and more frequently choosing multi-cloud environments. They are on the hunt for a central security baseline for the protection of innumerable web applications, portals and mobile apps for customers, staff and partners. But how can this work in our era of digitization?

Watch our short video to find out how the USP Secure Entry Server® meets the challenges your business faces storing, managing and controlling acces by external identities to the widest variety of web applications, portals and apps as efficiently as possible, thereby leaving the greatest flexibility for future changes.

USP Secure Entry Server®

A web access management solution such as USP Secure Entry Server® combines an innovative web application firewall with a comprehensive set of integrated authentication features such as multi-factor login, single sign-on, federation and user directories. USP Secure Entry Server® thus distinguishes itself from other common WAF products and gives the business a genuine value added, not to mention shorter implementation times, in its digitization projects.

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