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18.07.2016 - United Security Providers strengthens its board of directors

United Security Providers has appointed two new members to its board of directors. Prof. Dr. Hannes Lubich and Pyrros Koussios are joining the board of directors of the Swiss IT security specialist. The two are internationally recognised experts in IT security and business development.


30.06.2016 - Release 5.1 - a huge leap forward in functionality for the USP Secure Entry Server®

United Security Providers is pleased to announce release 5.1 for the USP Secure Entry Server®. The new features of the SES release 5.1 significantly increase interoperability, availability and overall security while at the same time reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO). Among other product advances, the new release incorporates a range of substantial enhancements such as IP reputation support, DDoS attack prevention, interoperability capabilities with external security infrastructure and OCSP stapling.


16.06.2016 - Identity Federation: The Key to Smart Access Management - Webinar

Would you like to allow your customers to sign in to your online services via Facebook? Should the staff at partner companies log in accessing your services using their usual access data? In the "Identity Federation: The Key to Smart Access Management" webinar on 29 June 2016 we will show you how your organisation can profit from federation and how you can implement this simply and following best practice by deploying USP Secure Entry Server®.

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17.05.2016 - DDoS Attacks: Swiss Online Commerce up in Arms

When the plug gets pulled: numerous websites and online shops suddenly found themselves offline in mid-March because of DDoS attacks. Even though some calm has been restored in the affected IT departments since that bleak start of the week, it has to be assumed that only the tip of the attack iceberg is visible. While many companies are now scrambling to get protection from well-known DDoS attacks, hackers are already discovering the Internet of Things (IoT). Obviously, there is bound to be more upheaval in the IT security world. This provides all the more reason to stay alert and up-to-date.

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07.04.2016 - Webinar: Live Security Insights - New Generation Approach to Enterprise Security

The old saying that forewarned is forearmed is never truer than with today's web security issues. As the cybercriminals harden their armour against our web applications, we need to retaliate by being prepared. Subscribe to our new Webinar «Live Security Insights: New Generation Approach to Enterprise Security» and learn more about USP Secure Entry Server® 5 and its approach to the mitigation of security threats.

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01.04.2016 - USP Academy: New course for the brand new USP SES Release 5

Extremely intuitive! The all new release 5 of USP's Secure Entry Server® is more user-friendly enabling you to easily protect your applications. The completely redesigned and optimised user interface combined with new functions, support you in operating your web access management solution. From new course, you will gain valuable hands-on experience for their daily operation and for addressing more complex web access management requirements.

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16.03.2016 - Webinar: One Login To Rule Them All

On average, 11 passwords were lost per person in 2015, this number is expected to double by 2020. Increasingly companies are reliant on cloud computing environments, using conventional authentication measures and user directories that lead to password and account management issues. Learn how to get out of this access management chaos.

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10.12.2015 - G-Cloud 7 Supplier Status Awarded to Market Leading Security Vendor United Security Providers.

Managed Security Services Accepted into G-Cloud 7 framework. Swiss Market Leading Security vendor United Security Providers has two of its Managed Security Services accepted onto the GCloud7 framework, following the vendor’s recent expansion into the UK.

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16.11.2015 - Webinar SAP vulnerabilities and security threats – joint WEBINAR with Turnkey Consulting

Securing your SAP environment with Web Access Management, provides protection whilst implementing SAP security patches.

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12.11.2015 - «Extremely Secure»: New Major Release of USP Secure Entry Server® with Far-Reaching Enhancements

United Security Providers launches version 5 of its USP Secure Entry Server®. The new major release refutes the stereotype that a higher degree of security often negatively impacts usability.

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22.10.2015 - United Security Providers is intensifying its online activities: it has initiated a new blog dealing with information security. The blog is simultaneously launched with the completely redesigned corporate website.

Going live with redesigned corporate website and new blog: there is a new blog available for the information security community as of 22nd of October 2015.

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02.04.2015 - Bühler: Managed security across 5 continents

Bühler is the specialist technology partner for food and beverage processing machines. There are strict requirements on the production of food and drink. Quality and success are not a matter of luck in this sector. Bühler still remains true to this credo in its location networking and perimeter security and places its faith in United Security Providers' Managed Security Services.

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