Our Customers & Cyber Security References- United Security Providers

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Each of our customers is unique.

One thing they have in common: They value and trust United Security Providers.

Leading companies across all industries rely on working with us as a strong single point of contact for IT security.


Industry and commerce

Numerous industrial and commercial companies favour collaboration with United Security Providers. With its products for protecting networks, applications and business processes, and its managed security service, United Security Providers offers effective protection at all times. No matter whether this means providing access to enterprise applications to mobile staff, drawing customers or suppliers closer into the value-added chain, implementing a web shop, protecting the network against foreign devices or operating an IT security structure.

Banks and insurance companies

Availability, confidentiality and integrity are the highest priorities in the finance and underwriting sectors. E-banking solutions have to satisfy strict requirements on compliance and always be absolutely up to date in terms of security. Both banks and insurance companies have strict requirements on the authentication of customers and the integrity of transactions. These are the strengths of USP Secure Entry Server® which has been in use with great success at many domestic and international financial institutions for a number of years. USP Network Authentication System® protects networks internally against external devices.

Hospitals and clinics

The protection of patient data has the highest priority in the health service. Security has to reconcile conflicting requirements: doctors, care staff and administrators need access to the information they require for their work as quickly and easily as possible, patients would like to use the hospital WiFi, and efficient collaboration with partners puts topics such as networking of health systems and automated data exchange on the IT agenda. USP Network Authentication System® and USP Secure Entry Server® have established themselves throughout Europe as solutions that provide hospitals and clinics with both the security they require and the flexibility they desire.

Public sector

Web applications are often used to handle administrative processes online in e-government. USP Secure Entry Server® is a complete web access management solution and an indispensable component in a secure e-government infrastructure: It is an effective protection for web applications and guarantees the confidentiality and non-repudiability of processes and information.